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Review – Matterfall (PS4)

  Known for developing PlayStation exclusives such as Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation, Resogun, Alienation and Nex Machina (also PC), Finland developer Housemarque has established itself as one of the pr... Read More...

Review – Miitopia

The Mii's are back! After proving successful in the hilariously addictive Tomadachi Life, they finally get their own fully fledged adult adventure game. Now I know what you are thinking, Why are Nintendo trying... Read More...

Console Review – Nintendo 2DS XL

Another Nintendo DS console? Really? REALLY? Yes! Really! Nintendo have released their latest iteration of their "DS" line with the 2DS XL, I got rid of my old original 3DS 2 years ago after it lived out its us... Read More...

Review : Splatoon 2

The Wii U delivered undoubtedly some of the best first party games on recent consoles, yet the console itself was largely panned by critics and gamer's worldwide. One of the biggest hits was new Nintendo franch... Read More...

Review : Crash Bandicoot 3 : Warped

And at last, we’ve finally arrived at the last of the original Crash trilogy in this Vicarious Visions remaster: Warped. For me personally, this was the one I always remembered the most fondly when I look back ... Read More...

Cosplay with Callmesmitten

Cosplay is an innovative and creative outlet for many pop culture super-fans around the world. From red-underwear Superman, to Mary Popins-Yondu, costume design is pushed to the limits at every con. And with... Read More...