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While by now I would usually have a fully-formed review, Fallout 4 has consumed my time and life and I’m still nowhere near ready to write out how I feel about it. There’s still so much to do and explore I couldn’t possibly hope to share it all with you quite yet.

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Instead here’s ten other things I’ve been doing in Fallout 4!

1. Hanging with my squad at Graygarden.  

2. Vertiberd Bro, Vertibird. There’s nothing cooler then mini-gunning from a helicopter and taking out everything in your path, muhahaha!

3. Did I mention I have a castle? Because I have a castle. Also a generals outfit, because I’m also a REAL Minutemen General now I have a place to call home.

4. Preston was super impressed… So was Piper and MacCready. I’m an adulterer, what of it? 

5. Hanging with the locals in Vault 81.     Rescuing their cats and generally confusing them with my vault suit.

6. Still enjoying cat related everything.  

7. Finding those little moments that make every journey, every building, every bit of this game so poignant for me. Also sometimes a bit weird…   8. You know how I mentioned I hadn’t had any bugs? Scratch that. The further you get into the story the more buggy it starts to get…
9. Making friends with the locals in Goodneighbour. KL.E.0. is definitely my favourite.  10. I have made some progress in my search for Shaun. Sort of. 

The story continues…

What have you been up to since launch?

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