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In a surprise announcement, Japanese developers KOEI TECMO have announced that their historical strategy game Nobunga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence will be available on the PS4 across Australia and New Zealand from September 4.

Releasing on its usual platform of PC as well, the game marks the 30th anniversary of the series. Similar and even arguably inspiring other entries into the genre like Total War and Shogun, the Nobunaga’s Ambition series takes place in feudal Japan with the aim of becoming the ultimate warlord of Oda Nobunaga. Sphere of Influence is the 14th Nobunaga Ambition game in the series and has released to widely positive reviews so far having released in the US on September 1.

Previous entries into the series have seen console ports later released but this is the first time in years that KOEI TECMO has decided to release straight to console.  Also notable is the decision to avoid an Xbox release considering past releases on the platform..

In Sphere of Influence players can expect to balance three key elements of creation, diplomacy and war throughout. This balancing act will then dictate the fate of your leader and clan as you battle military wits in 15th century Japan.

Will you be testing your Japanese warlord wits in Sphere of Influence and if so, will you be doing it on the more traditional PC or the PS4?

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