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Usually it is Dan Priman who writes these amazing podcast thingys, but this week I wanted to jump in and tell everyone about this hilarious new show I have discovered! The podcast is called Anna Faris Unqualified and is hosted by the hilariously talented actress Anna Faris (Scary Movie, The House Bunny, Mom) as she rakes in her celebrity friends as guests and call complete strangers on Skype to give relationship advice that is completely as you guessed it, unqualified.

It is a simple premise and it works, Anna is hilarious and charming with her co-host and real life best friend Sim Sarna, they get to chat with stars like Justin Long, Lance Bass, Allison Janney, Rosie O’Donnell and Regina Hall. This mix up of celebrity guests helps the advice to be varied and fresh when the topics get a little similar week to week, and Anna is so sweet and loving and it feels like this is part of her personality.

Now if you have kids around when listening to this, you may want to put the headphones in, it tends to get raunchy, really quickly and this is not a bad thing. It is one of the biggest laugh out loud podcasts I have ever listened to and I have to take extra care when listening to it on the train.

If you are looking for a fun filled way to spend an hour on a Monday, this is definitely the podcast you need to subscribe to! I have never had so much fun and witnessed such joy in one of these as I have with Anna and Sim, and I look forward to this being the greatest start to my week! You can subscribe to Anna Faris Unqualified using the Itunes link below

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