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Making our Novastream debut, Review Culture is a weekly podcast of reviews, previews, impressions and discussion on movies, video games, music, TV and all things pop culture. Join four best friends that love having a laugh and running a podcast from their living room! WARNING: Explicit Language.

This week Paulie B unleashes in a tirade that can only be described as comical and riddled with awesomeness! The boys (Buddy, Dylan, Tom and Paul) have seen Batman v Superman and run down the pluses and minuses in the non spoiler portion. Then they unpack all their thoughts in the spoiler part of the show (SPOILER PART FROM 53.43mins – 1.51.23mins). We have News in Review, Preview Culture and music from Brisbane hip hop, funk, rock act, Vaguely Human (Space from their Space EP). Follow them on Facebook, Instagram (@vaguelyhuman) and catch their live shows at The Black Bear Lodge on April 8th and at The Zoo on May 1st (Brisbane venues).