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Podcast – Game Over Remastered Season 2 Episode 1

Game Over Remastered is back! Star Wars Lego, Titanfall, Mass Effect, Uncharted and the Oculus Rift get a mention this week and Virtual Or...

Game Over Remastered S01E13

Alaisdair goes Full Throttle this week as Betson, David and Daniel are all on Kim Kardashian. Don't worry, good games do get discussed such...

Game Over Remastered S01E08

This week's podcast is PAXed with PAX talk. Betson, David, Daniel and the newish Charlie talk Fallout 4, Batman Arkham Knight and the new...

Game Over Remastered S01E04

This week Betson, David "Big D" Chattaway and Daniel Priman talk Destiny: The Taken King, Mario Maker, Bioware among others. Virtual Or Reality is...

Podcast – Game Over Remastered S01E01

Join Alaisdair, Ryan, Charlie & Dan as they introduce Game Over Remastered - our new games podcast!

Podcast – Game Over Remastered : Women In Gaming Special

Join Alana, Brittany & Emilia for a women in gaming podcast special. The girls discuss gender roles and explore representation of women in gaming.


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