Review : Heroes Reborn Review: Episode 6-8

“Game Over”

Noah, Quentin, Miko and Ren embark on a mission to free the famed time traveler Hiro Nakamura from the virtual prison set by Renautas.

Meanwhile, Malina meets former Evo Hunter Luke and gives him a new purpose in life. In an impromptu trip to Paris, Emily provides a new perspective for our teleporting teenager Tommy.

Overall, this episode is proving itself to be one of the better episodes of the series. It upped the ante by increasing the stakes for our characters and gave the a much needed boost to things and provided purpose. The highlights in the episode really drove this home. The moment where Quentin, the everyman character we met from the Prequel Webisodes was sadly killed off for now. I liked his death scene, especially his dialogue with Noah. However due to later plot developments, it can be assumed that Quentin could still be seen later. At the same time, Taylor’s reaction to her boyfriend’s death and her pregnancy revelation gives a lot of interesting motivation.

2Picking up from “The Lion’s Den”, Miko and Ren’s story has officially converged with Noah and Quentin’s in order to release Hiro. As suspected, Hiro was trapped inside and the only way to get him out was for Katana Girl to disappear. As I still believe she still has a role to play, she will return. Hiro Nakamura’s return back into the fold would quite easily impress the fans of its predecessor as Masi Oka slides back into his role effortlessly.

Tommy’s arc has once again proven itself to be the most endearing. Here he takes an impromptu trip to Paris with love interest Emily, It was nice seeing him act as a teenager in this calm before the storm. It was also great seeing the 9th Wonders comic make its comeback again.


“June 13th Part One”

In the first of a two part episode arc,”June 13th Part One”, we are taken back into the past where we meet familiar characeters once more, namely 3Mohinder Suresh and Angela Petrelli. Here, we get more information about the impending Heli, a massive solar flare that will destroy the planet unless the Evos stop it.

We also see more of the titular June 13th event as we see detailed events of the day unfold. One of these is a big twist whereby the origins of Tommy and Malina are revealed. They are none other than the children of the famous Claire Bennet. It is apparent later that Hiro Nakamura takes the children back in time such that time can be provided to develop their abilities. I found this to be a neat way to have Claire’s presence throughout the the episode without Hayden Panettiere reprising her role. It does raise an important question as to who is Tommy and Malina’s biological father.

We are also treated to a neat fight scene with Hiro vs. Harris Prime. It was cool seeing Hiro use his powers to stop all of the clones and defeat them effortlessly. It really upped the nostalgia factor for the original parent series as we remember how far Hiro has come.

The episode also expands upon the characters of Luke and Joanne. We witness the death of their son which sent them on their dark path of killing Evos. The scenes were done well with satisfactory performances.


“June 13th Part Two”

“June 13th Part Two” immediately picks up from the events of the last episode. More details about the origins and ultimate endings for our new and old characters are revealed.

The big question of how Claire Bennet dies is finally revealed. As a slight homage to Peter Petrelli, the boy twin Nathan aka Tommy has the power to absorb other abilities, he unfortunately absorbed Claire’s ability to heal to only take away Hiro Nakamura’s teleporting/time travel ability later and was subsequently raised by him. This really worked well within the context of the universe and it provides a satisfactory answer to Claire’s death. It also meant that Hiro Nakamura’s seemingly final stand was sadly seen here in this episode. He truly did become a hero in the end. We are also treated to a final fight scene involving Mohinder Suresh vs. Harris Prime and his clones, overall his final stand feels very worthy for his character.

We are also re-introduced to Matt Parkman, who has now switched allegiances and is now working for Renautas. He tries to procure information about Claire from Noah and ultimately fails at doing so, all thanks to Caspar Abraham with his Pennies. More reveals and answers come about in this episode. We learn about the origins of Katana Girl as well as Carlos’ characterization into the man he is from his mission with Farrah. As well as this, we see further development into Luke and Joanne. Overall I didn’t feel that the episode was all over the place with the delivery and execution of all of the various performances.

As said in the previous episode by Hiro, butterfly effects would take place with this act of time travel. One consequence is the return of Quentin who now works for the antagonist Renautas. It’ll be interesting to see where things go for him.


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