Destiny Coverage – The Story So Far…

Let’s play catch-up on the tale of Destiny. Needless to Say:


You have been warned. Still Here? GREAT!



Once upon a Time, an omnipotent, spherical entity (which would become known to humanity as “The Traveller”) appeared in our solar system, bringing with it the birth of a Golden Age for humanity. The Traveller shared a vast universe of Knowledge and Technology which tripled the lifespan of those influenced and allowed humans to travel and colonise beyond Earth.

But Alas, all good things come to an end and this time of prosperity was no different. Centuries after The Traveller’s arrival came The Darkness, the opposing force to the Traveller. This lead to what history would remember as The Collapse, when humanity was decimated by the billions and the scraps of life that remain retreated to Earth with The Traveller. The Last City of Humanity was built in the shadow of a damaged and dormant Traveller, who was only strong enough now to protect this morsel of civilisation.

Dormant, but not defeated, the traveller created the Ghosts. Small, sentient machines capable of reviving fallen warriors with the power of light and guiding them on a quest to strike back at the darkness. These warriors of light would be named Guardians, the last hope for Humanity and the Traveller. And this is where you come in, as a ghost selects you to rise from the ashes and help reclaim civilisation.

You awaken where you fell in your last life, in the dilapidated ruins of Old Russia on Earth. You have been dead for some time. After a quick run in with some Fallen (a scavenger alien race currently residing on many milky way planets including Earth) you manage to repair a broken ship and retreat to The Tower, home base to the Guardians. Here you will meet The Speaker, a leader of sorts who interprets the will of the Traveller. You will be told of the puzzle humanity faces and who you are as a piece of it.

After several recent attacks by the Fallen, you are tasked with probing and patroling the ruins of Old Russia and the Cosmodrome, where humanity set out their missions to the stars. Here you stumble upon The Hive, another alien race which favours burrowing over scavenging and favours numbers over strategy. This demon-esque race is known to inhabit the moon but has not been seen on Earth in a long time. Along with the hive, you will discover the warmind Rasputin (an AI built to aid humans) is active and working with an unknown intention.




You pick up the signal of another Ghost belonging to a missing guardian who had been searching for a means of infiltrating the Hive Fortress located on Earth’s Moon. Once there, you find your fallen brethren and their damaged Ghost leading to a heinous discovery. The Hive are building an Army, and have set their sights on Earth. You and your ghost’s quickly set out to thwart their plans leading missions to disrupt rituals draining valuable energy from the traveller, severing communications arrays and destroying a prized weapon called The Sword of Crota.

With the Hive weakened, you are contacted by a mysterious female stranger who beckons you to venture to Venus. Here you will meet “an evil so dark it despises other evil” known as The Vex, a race of organic machines that share a hive mind accross universe and time. The Stranger will make mention of The Black Garden, the place where all Vex are born, and are told that only by destroying the heart of the garden will The Traveller be able to heal.

You seek the help of the Awoken Queen of the Reef and her untrusting brother, who while wishing to remain neutral and let war take it’s course advise that they will guide you to the Black Garden and help you enter if you can bring them the head of a Vex Gate Lord (under the assumption that in doing so you will meet your end and not bother them further). While traversing Venus on the hunt for a gate lord, you and your ghost discover an archive which reveals some Vex secrets and the location of one of their strongholds called the Vault of Glass. With this information in tow, you hunt and down a gate lord and return to the Queen, head in hand (much to her brother’s surprise).

You learn that the gateway to the Black Garden is based on mars and the eye of the gate lord is a key to it. But this won’t come easy as Mars has been settled by the Cabal, a group of Aliens that don large battle suits. They have been researching the gates of the Vex in a hopes of harnessing their technology, without much success. While fighting through cabal soldiers, you will find the Buried City, a birthplace of many technological wonders humans made in the wake of the Traveller. It is here where you discover that the Warmind of Mars is being controlled by Rasputin, but for similarly unknown reasons. Vex have begun to appear on Mars, with similar intentions to yourself. They are going to the Black Garden…Something is calling them home.




You breakthrough the gateway and find yourself in a place where Time and Space are no longer relevant. You fight through a horde of Vex to finally reach the prize…The Black Heart. As it hovers suspended, you fight to destroy both it and the Vex warriors known as The Sol Progeny. These warriors represent the Past (Primeval Mind), Present (Imminent Mind) and Future (Eschaton Mind) of the Vex. Once the Black Heart and it’s Vessels have been defeated, you and your ghost are returned to Mars and the shroud of Darkness plaguing the Traveller has lifted.

Under a brighter Traveller, You and other guardians are thanked by the speaker for all of your efforts, and presented ominously with the notion that all endings are beginnings. The Fight is far from over, and there are still many unanswered questions.

In the time since then, Guardians have banded together to enter the reality bending Vault of Glass and defeat Atheon (Time’s Conflux), a massive warrior with a hand in time control. From here the Guardian teams headed into the Dark Below the hellmouth on the moon to defeat the God-Prince Leader of the Hive, Crota; as well as dissolve a rebellion in the House of Wolves lead by Skolas (The Kell of Kells) and cleared out the Prison of Elders. It is the former of those missions that has lead to our current predicament.




Oryx, father of Crota, and his army of soldiers known as the Taken have travelled to our solar system in search of revenge for his fallen son. The Taken are members of all races in Destiny corrupted by The Darkness and moulded to Oryx’s will, and they will relentlessly follow the lead of this Taken King on his quest for vengeance.

As for what comes next, that’s up to you…

The Taken King is just a few days away! For all things Destiny, Zahra and Pat have you covered here at NovaStream.

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