Interview – Gaming YouTuber Camomo_10 talks his Level Up! panel at this year’s AACTA Festival

Embark on a journey into the Let’s Play genre and learn how some of Queensland’s biggest Let’s Players have levelled up their passion for video games into an online career. Join ToastedShoes, Naysy, and Camomo_10 as they discuss the dynamic online video game space. They’ll share insights into trends across different platforms, demystify the ever-elusive algorithm, discussing how they’ve forged their own niche and built communities in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

It’s your chance to get real-world insights from creators working in the space, or for fans to see their favourite creators live in person! Learn what inspires their content creation and discover strategies that have accelerated their online presence into online careers.

Join us for an unmissable event jam-packed with practical experience and inspirational journeys as you pick up some tips to level up your passion for video games into a career. You can find more information about the event here:

Nick: I’ve found it really interesting watching your content recently, because it’s a side of the YouTube gaming community I haven’t seen much of before! But it’s also been interesting to see how your content has evolved over the last few years. What do you think has been the biggest change in the YouTube landscape for gaming content creators over the last five years?

Camomo_10: So, YouTube for me was one of the biggest ones that blew up. I used to stream on Twitch previous to that, and then it kind of kicked off once I started doing YouTube videos and getting the reactions from people.

It’s changed in a lot of ways with the restrictions that YouTube will put on, in regards to like, swear words. You’ve got to be really careful now, whereas before you could just let the F-word slip and they wouldn’t be so strict with it in that sense! We’re living in a day and age where you’ve got to be careful what you say. But it’s been great and as long as you’re sticking within those lines—they’re not unreasonable terms and conditions. It makes sense to not have that sort of stuff. But, at the end of the day a lot of my viewers are not under 18 because it’s ‘Rust’. It’s a very toxic game and I catch people that cheat in the game. So, they throw a lot of stuff at me!

I still see content creation being the new thing that a lot of people are going to try and dive into. And even look at the Australian government, they didn’t know what to do with it either! It used to be a $20,000 side gig you could do. And they caught on to TikTok and live streaming and content creation, and now it’s $600. If you earn more than $600, you’ve got to pay tax on it. So, it’s changed a lot in that way, too.

Nick: I didn’t know that! That’s probably really important for up-and-coming creators to know. And that leads into my next question about the ‘Level Up!’ panel you’re doing at AACTA Festival this year. Is advice like that something you’ll be touching on in the panel?

Camomo_10: I think so. But the biggest thing for me wasn’t about making money. It was about the love of it. I want people to know [at the panel] that if you go head on into this and be like, “I want to make a million dollars”, it’s good, but it’s not the right way to go about it.

I went into this when I was working a full-time job. I’m married. I have two kids, with a third on the way, but two kids when I started doing YouTube. And you know, I’d be at work from 6 or 7 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. I’d get home, sort the kids out, do dinner and baths, then they’d go to bed. Then, I would jump on and catch some cheaters on ‘Rust’, and maybe be up until 12 o’clock, go to bed, and then get up again at 4am and edit for a couple of hours before work. Even at work, I used to ban cheaters from my phone. But now this is my normal job!

And props to my wife for allowing me to do it, because without her saying yes, it would have made it very had. There were times where I’d be on the computer for a very long time, and she’d be like, “You’re still on that bloody thing”! But she knows that’s where the money comes from now, and that burden isn’t as much anymore because it isn’t so much spending lots of time doing it for no rewards. I was just so passionate about doing it.

Nick: And that hard work looks like it’s paying off, mate! I wanted to also touch on where you think the YouTube/live streaming space is headed in the next few years? What are things that content creators should be looking out for in this space?

Camomo_10: Well, AI is a big part of it all now. YouTube haven’t changed their terms around AI, and I haven’t read too much about it, because it’s not really on my side of things, but AI is kind of a big thing! Especially with people talking about using AI for anti-cheats to help in gaming. But I think more people that do this sort of stuff will make it expand more and obviously change and adapt the ways we do things.

We’re also now seeing even more streaming platforms that have come out like Kick, who give creators more revenue. Rather than someone like Twitch who does 50/50 with their creators, or YouTube who does like, 70/30. So, there’s these different options for different people. Twitch has more relaxed terms now where you can multi-stream on all platforms. So, that’s a big plus for people like me. When I was a partner on Twitch, if you wanted to stream on YouTube, you can’t stream on Twitch. Whereas now you can.

Nick: Would you say it’s beneficial for content creators to be posting content on different platforms?

Camomo_10: You want more exposure, but it is a little hard because you’ve got different charts to look after that you have to change and adapt with. And if not, you kind of get left behind. But yeah, I would recommend building on multiple platforms. Touch wood, nothing ever happens to YouTube, but if something did happen to YouTube, then that’s a big chunk of my revenue that goes, so you want to be in other places as well as a backup strategy!

Nick: And what can people expect from your panel and Let’s Play Live at this year’s AACTA Festival?

Camomo_10: I’ve actually never been to an event like this before! But there is going to a meet and greet with myself and ToastedShoes, and we’re going to be on a panel [with Naysy]. I don’t know what game we’re playing just yet, but it’s free! So it should be good!

Thank you to Camomo_10 for taking the time to chat, and to Think Tank Communications for organising the interview. You can find out more information about AACTA Festival and all the events available here:

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